When we talk about Facebook ads spend precisely, In their report eMarketer reported that 2017 was the first year when facebook ads started capturing one out of 5 dollars spent on ads.

Facebook ads will simply continue to be a top way for brands to advertise their products and services in the near future and that too for a good reason. Brands/Companies can use facebook ads as a form of lead generation by pushing out their messages to encourage their potential customers.

Tips to make your facebook leads ads better.

1. Define Your Audience:

Facebook ads do allow you to drill down and narrow to specifically who you want to target. If you want to target women who are living in Texas and are in the age group of 25-35 and are interested in yoga, you can simply set these guidelines into your ad campaign.

It’s very important to define and understand your audience, so you can spend your money more efficiently by targeting your potential customers who are most likely to purchase your product. Spraying and Praying is a thing of past when you used to simply push your product to everyone and pray that they will buy. Because that is just a waste of time. effort and money.

2. Make every dollar count:

Budget is a very important resource, especially when you are running up a small business with very limited funds. It’s easy to make a hefty mistake when you are just setting up your budget over facebook for your facebook ads.

How to make sure that you don’t do that mistake?

Step 1: Set a daily budget, which will help you cap the number of clicks and views on your facebook campaign and that tool at a controlled cost.

Step 2: Bid high enough that your ad gets the reach, but not so high that you simply start wasting your budget.

3. Be Creative:

Users are bombarded with thousands of images and messages every day over social media, So you need to do something exceptional to stand out of the crowd. You can do this by having top of the line creatives. Which can grab the customer’s attention with engaging headlines and captivating images? Make sure they are mobile-friendly.

With Facebook ads, you can select what kind of creative you want to serve your customers in an ad campaign, whether you want it to be a carousel, video or a single image. Also, be sure to give a solid reason for your customers to optin for your products. Offer them a coupon or give them a discount.

4. Use Lead Form

Create a lead form to ask your customers very specific questions, but make sure that you only ask the questions that are relevant and are needed by you. Don’t ask too many questions or the customer will simply opt-out of the process.

Once you start receiving the results from your facebook lead forms, make sure that you actually use that information to your best. Start following up those leads ASAP, or re-target them for your future campaigns.

5. Determine The Worth:

Facebook Lead ads are the best way to build your customer base and increase your sales. As long as you will follow the guidelines and set up your campaigns accordingly, you’ll be fine. When you are in a doubt, think about how much is 1 lead worth to you. If you’re selling products that are worth 200$ make sure you capture that lead in less then its worth. Try to spend under 10-15$ for each lead.

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