A Basic Guide To Digital Marketing

Basic Guide To Digital Marketing

Ignoring the digital marketing is very easy while thinking that those digital skills are only necessary for people who are into the tech industry. While the truth is, In today’s world every job required digital skills.

As of now, A junior digital marketer gets paid around $40,000 and a senior level marketer is paid around $100,000. In the year 2017, around 500,000 jobs were posted online and out of the 200,000 jobs were digital marketing related. Which means around 30% of the job market is looking for Digital Marketers. and that’s an increase of 40%from 2011.

As these numbers are growing the Digital marketing is becoming as a synonym of general marketing. Which means that adding the digital skills in your experience is a necessity now.

Before you decide that if Digital Marketing is right for you or not, you will first need to understand what Digital Marketing actually is, Including what’s that which makes it different from the traditional marketing. What are the skills required and how to learn them? So, to order these questions, we’ve put together a basic guide to Digital Marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing Actually?

Digital marketing included every strategy that is applied online for marketing a product or service, Whether you are targeting your potential customers on a computer device, iPad or an App. If you are following some influencers or brands over social media you are already a part of digital marketing. Similarly when you dive into google search results to find something you are into digital marketing already.

Marketing has been always about connecting with your audience. and the internet is very big, and virtual place and is used by millions of people. Big giants like Amazon to local stores everyone is using digital marketing to connect with their audience.

Which is why digital marketing is huge a and vast growing field. And you can’t just think of any business of any size that doesn’t have an online presence.

As per recent research was done by Pew Research, around 25% of US adults stay online and the rest of 75% of people comes online once a day and that number is constantly going upward.

the more time consumers will log onto every day, more the demand of people who can organize and imply the successful marketing strategy will be. With all this in mind, let’s understand what digital marketing is and what it involves in a detailed manner.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The basic fundamental of Digital and Traditional marketing are almost same, that’s to identify the audience and finding out what they need and then connecting with the audience to tell them about your product and how it can solve their problems. However, In Digital Marketing you will need to connect with your customers in the virtual space while in Traditional Marketing you connect with them face to face.

The key difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing.

Digital Marketing:-

Audience Customization:
when you are marketing your product with the help of digital marketing you have the whole global population that you can target. So unless you are selling all over the world you will need to customize your audience and Digital marketing provides you the options to customize your target prospects based on their Interest, Demographics, Age or Gender. Also, you can select a specific region to promote your product when you work with Digital Marketing.

  • Audience communication

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketers are able to communicate directly with their audience through various platforms like Forums, Website Comments, Social Media or interactive sessions.

  • Multiple Delivery Channel

When you start marketing your product on the digital platform you can reach your audience on a variety of platforms as per the need. These platforms include Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs and Emails. And based on the A/B testing you can select what sort of channel makes most of the engagement with users.

  • Online events

Similar to the conference that occurs in traditional marketing, digital marketers hosts events online. Like Webinars, Live Courses, and Product Launch. Which can be premiered and the viewers can even watch them after the event has happened.

Traditional Marketing:

  • Local Targeting

While doing the marketing traditionally, marketers purchase the print or broadcast advertising which runs in a very specific region and sometimes tend to provide major results as well.

  • Marketing Material

In traditional marketing, we print things like brochures, fliers, catalogs, and other print materials.

  • Traditional Delivery Channels

While doing traditional marketing, a marketer has to rely on delivery methods like television, newspaper, radio, and voice calls. Which can be very costly for a startup.

  • Marketing Events

a traditional marketer has to meet people in person to establish a brand presence at the conferences, seminars, etc.

Skills Required for Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies still accounts for a major part of general marketing. But with the growth of digital media at a very high pace, digital marketing will overtake the market soon. These are some of the skills that are required if you want to be a successful Digital Marketer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the lingo for “making sure that your content is searchable over search engine”

100% of people who use the internet do a Google, Yahoo or Bing search to find something and the results available on the first page are the one which gets the highest number of traffic. If you want your website or article to be present on the first page of Google for the related search term, SEO is the key to do that.

SEO practices can be applied to any content that is available online either it’s a sales page, product page, or blog post. Some small tweaks done by the SEO experts can improve your website ranking and indexing over the search engine. An SEO expert might be working only in his niche or can be part of the Digital Marketing world. SEO skills combined with content marketing can bring in huge results.

Efficient SEO Skills Includes:

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is the process of finding the most relevant search terms that have a high search volume. To find these search terms you can either use software like Ahrefs, Moz or you can use the free service of Google known as keyword planner.

  • Traffic Analysis

In order to understand how your website is performing and what your users do on your website, traffic analysis is something you need to do. With tools like Google Analytics or Woopra, you can simply understand the user journey over the website. where did he clicked, how much time did the user spent on your website, on what page did he decided to go out of your website. Analyzing all this can help you understand better how you can keep the user on your website for a longer time.

  • Understand Ranking Strategy

Using resources like Google Search Quality Evaluator can help you in developing an effective and strong ranking strategy for your website. This strategy includes both the SEO and content marketing to improve your search engine rankings over search engines. Website architecture improvement is also a major part of a ranking strategy it includes the issues like Website Loading Speed, Broken Link fixing, HTML optimization.

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing

The online channels give the digital marketers a very unique and one of kind opportunity to create and market your content to the audience on a regular basis that too on a low cost. So instead of paying for that premium airtime and radio which cost a ton of money. An SEO optimized blog that has been posted on a well-reputed blog, It can bring in more results than those commercials. The content marketing strategy goes way beyond traditional marketing and provides you with an active audience that is ready to purchase.

the best marketing content should be aimed to read like the magazine or should play like an informative PSA, the ultimate goal here is to inform the audience about the problem and then helping them in solving it with your content. With digital marketing, you can personalize and customize those CTA based on the buyer’s journey, not like the traditional marketing where we have only a static “Call to Action” button.

Having these dynamic CTA can help you keep your audience engaged with your product during the complete buyer journey.

  • Blog Post

These are the articles that allow you to understand the problem of your audience and also shows how to solve them.

  • eBooks

These are the longer form of resources that let you explain you the blog that you were writing in an extended length.

  • Video content

Videos cover the topics which are relevant to your audience and are mostly posted on platforms like YouTube and then can be simply embedded into your website.

  • Podcast

Podcasts are the audio content that you can host on your website which can be downloaded by your audience.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is a gem when it comes to announce a product or send a newsletter to your audience.

As we have already mentioned above, Digital marketing offers you to market your content over a variety of different channels and with the help of A/B testing you can choose the medium that works best for them. As per the last google update, where Google clearly mentioned that Content is the King, Having content marketing in your marketing strategy is very critical nowadays.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

Social media is not just about getting in those awkward fights with people. Social Media plays a critical role when it comes to putting together a marketing strategy. A social presence for a brand is very crucial if they want to succeed in business.

Using social media marketing to promote your blog articles or product on your website simply links with your SEO efforts, and the video combined with the SEO optimized content will simply give your ranking a boost.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is that part of digital marketing that is used to increase your website visibility over the search engine by paying it. SEM is the paid marketing that helps you to put your website on the top of search results. It’s also called paid search or Pay per click (PPC).

With the numbers increasing every day of consumers that are searching and shopping the products online, and search engine marketing has just become a crucial strategy for increasing the product or company’s reach.

In fact, if your website is gaining new visitors it will certainly help you to rank higher on the search engine.

In search engine marketing, the advertisers pay only for clicks or research based on their bidding strategy. the bidding strategy makes search engine marketing much more efficient as you can track every dollar spent. As a bonus, every visitor that you will get will significantly improve your website ranking for the organic ranking.

since the consumers are putting in the search queries to find the information or product, they are in a perfect state of mind to receive the marketing message and can be converted into a customer.

The search engine marketing reaches out to the consumers on the perfect time, when they are ready to purchase or look for the information. Unlike the other digital marketing strategies, SEM is the non-intrusive and it does not disrupt any other tasks.

The results are real-time with SEM, it’s one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your website which converts.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing

Nowadays brands can’t just rely on celebrity endorsement and the Ads. If you are a brand that is constantly putting efforts on the hard-sell efforts and constant marketing efforts can drive away your customers.

This is the era of millennials and tech generation and they follow someone online. They won’t believe anything that they see on the internet in the form of ads. They need social proof before they spend the money. And, if an influencer that they are following endorse your brand they will buy it anyway. As they value their opinion.

Influencer marketing is the new buzz in the marketplace and it’s so loud that it’s making the most in the market. Nowadays people are turning to social media and following people they trust. They read what they have to say about a product.

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