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Search Engine Optimization is evolving more and more with each passing day. That being said, with this daily evolving in the algorithms we need to keep a check on all the changes that are happening. After the launch of “Penguin” in 2016 Google has become smarter and cleaner with the search experience and it’s becoming difficult to Rank #1 in the search results. Here is our list of Top 9 Google search ranking factors we need to take into consideration in order to rank high in search results.

Since the industrial revolution, the marketplace has gone under the biggest transformation better known as digital transformation. The approach and the appropriation of the internet have changed the way that business operates. The Internet is providing millions of new opportunities to people in term of jobs, as well as access to data, statistics and trends but the major thing the internet has done for businesses is Digital Marketing. Don’t forget to read my previous article on how Digital Marketing is evolving in 2019. Coming back to the topic.

While you are in a regular process of optimizing your website for desktop and all of a sudden you are brought to the reality that you also have to optimize your website for mobile search as half of your audience comes from mobile and Google is also shifting to mobile-first indexing.

The idea of guest posting here is to connect with fellow humans and share some ideas that can benefit the whole mankind to achieve something better. So, instead of writing a single post and be on your way, try to establish a long-term relationship that can make your name in the market.

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