5 Reasons Facebook Ads Are Must for your business

Are you losing the customers because of your conventional advertising strategy? Then this is the time to change your advertising strategy to acquire more customer and If you are not leveraging the benefits of Facebook Ads you are losing a ton of new customers. If you are already sure to move forward with Facebook Ads then you can contact us here(CTA: Link for website), but if you are still not sure with how Facebook ads can help your business, keep reading and we’ll make sure that you realize the benefits that your business can reap with the help of Facebook Advertisement.

Do you know “ You lose money each day when your business doesn’t advertise on Facebook” Here’s why :

1. Your prospects are spending most of their time on Facebook:

Facebook Ads

As per the latest data, 80% of the internet users are using Facebook and around 65% of the people over the age of 60 use Facebook as well. In total facebook has a user base of over 1.85 Billion. On average, users check their Facebook 15-18 times a day. Regardless of who your targeting customer base is, they are already using Facebook and they use it daily. Therefore, one of the major reason of advertising over Facebook is that your customers are already using it and are using it daily.

2. Facebook Ads are target oriented.

Another major Plus factor of using Facebook advertising is the ability to target the exact audience, which is not achievable with conventional advertising. Facebook allows you to target exact people based on their age, interest, location, and behavior. If you know the user persona of your target audience, then you can use the facebook advertisement to engage with them.

Facebook Ads

3. Facebook increases revenue and sales.

It’s not a myth that Facebook advertising helps a business generate revenue and sales. Below is the screenshot of a business that we helped with Facebook ads, Total amount that we spent onto Facebook was $519 and in return, we helped the business generate$1557 in sales. On an average conversion cost was $3.4 per conversion which is much better than if compared with Radio ads or TV commercials.

Facebook Ads

4. Lower cost per acquisition

If you can get facebook advertisement working for your business, it will surely decrease the acquisition cost for you. As we know facebook advertisement is cheap, we can cut out other expensive marketing campaigns like radio, billboard ads we invested in.

Facebook Ads

5. Remarketing

Do you wonder how an advertisement of a website that you visited earlier starts following you everywhere on facebook? This is an advertising tactic known as remarketing. Remarketing allows the advertisers to chase their recent website visitors over facebook. This simply means that if someone went to your website and then did not purchased or contacted you, you can re-engage those users with the Facebook ads. Remarketing provides a huge benefit and can improve your conversions dramatically.

Facebook Ads


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