7 Ranking Factor to Rank Number 1 in 2019

Search Engine Optimization is evolving more and more with each passing day. That being said, with this daily evolving in the algorithms we need to keep a check on all the changes that are happening. After the launch of “Penguin” in 2016 Google has become smarter and cleaner with the search experience and it’s becoming difficult to Rank #1 in the search results. Here is our list of Top 9 Google search ranking factors we need to take into consideration in order to rank high in search results.



The content that is ranking high in the search results is those who cover the topic in a broad spectrum. In order to rank higher, the content must provide real value to the users and also should be incorporated with engaging visual content.


There is no thumb rule for the length of the content for an article, it varies as per the subject it’s covering. However, we notice that the content which is longer in length and is providing a great knowledge about the topic ranking better in the search results.

Pro Tip

Always use Google’s semantic search to optimize the keywords you are targeting with your articles. Semantic queries can be easily found by browsing the related search section over the google search result page.

Ranking Factor


Ranking Factor

In June 2010 Google launched its Freshness Algorithm and it was a real game changer. If you have a database of lots of articles published on your website, updating those articles can be a big-time win for you. Google is now biased toward the new content and it always prioritizes that content which is freshly uploaded and updated. For eg: let’s search for “Best Android TV Box”

The results which are making #1 are latest. 3 out of the top 6 results have the date of the article. The freshness algo. works much faster than the core algorithm and also impact the results as well. In the below graph you can it only takes a few days to see the impact when you update your old articles.

Ranking Factor


Despite people saying different stuff about the backlinks, They still remain one of the biggest ranking factors for the Search algorithm. The more backlinks that you have from high-authority websites the better your website will rank for top keywords. Digital marketers should pay attention to the backlinks especially after the Penguin 4.0, which deranked the website which had a lot of low-quality backlinks.


In November 2016. google Announced mobile-first indexing. Meaning that a websites compatibility with mobile is now a factor for ranking. With the growing use of websites on mobile, this was done.

Googles mobile-first approach is already changing the search results. especially when it comes to local search results. So if your website is not optimized for the mobile version you will face difficulties to rank higher in the search results.


with the mobile-first approach from Google. Page speed has become a key factor more than ever. Website with slow page speed will be harder to rank in comparison to the website that is fast at loading. Google’s goal with this updated is to provide the user with the best user experience so that they come back again to google to search.


Local SEO is one of the big thing and if you NAP play an important role when it comes to local ranking. Schema Markup code helps the search engine to understand better about the address, phone number, and reviews.

Local SEO is particularly very important for the local business, and implementing the schema codes site-wide can become highly beneficial for ranking.


User Experience is last in our list, but that doesn’t make it any less. As the algorithms are getting more advanced, you will have to put more focus on providing the user with great experience. It’s hard to identify how the effects take place but we have seen a significant rise in the ranking of those websites which provides the greater user experience.


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