Guest Blogging: The Myth Got Busted

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

The idea of guest posting here is to connect with fellow humans and share some ideas that can benefit the whole mankind to achieve something better. So, instead of writing a single post and be on your way, try to establish a long-term relationship that can make your name in the market.

These relationhips take time and how consistent you are with them, is the deciding factor. You need to nurture these relations realtime.

By constantly sending posts to these websites,  you project yourself as an active participant in the community which looks quite good in the eyes of the site’s already established community.

Become an Expert

Becoming an expert is a good point as you should always thrive to becoming better and better over the period of time. You understand how it feels to have the “expert” initial before your name?

If you don’t, then you’ll experience it very soon. And to do that write articles that are rich of knowledge and experience. It not only increases your credibility as an author but also display you as an active contributor who is  somewhere more reliable than a newbie. Happens all the time!

Online influencers have a great future, but you need to wait for the people to realize that great novelists and writers have written only one great 200 pages of shit

or good shit. But, that’s just shit.

We’re the daily dose of influence for the people, and maybe one day they’ll realize our importance. However, until then let’s keep our heads down and keep writing.

Discover New Opportunities

There’s always a chance to learn something new from these high-quality blogs. On your blog, you can write anything that is getting limited no. of feedbacks and you may or may not care about them, but in order to survive in such a vast community, you always have to write something new and better.

Trust me it looks hectic at first but is a hell lot better than writing just for your blog only.

However it’s not only limited to reading and interacting, you might also land a business deal with the person who typically likes your choice of words and your representation. He/she might be looking for an SEO expert for his/her site at the time you wrote about the factors that affect your business’s local ranking.

Capture a Wider Audience

If you are not getting traffic on your blog, you’re still achieving your goal by increasing brand awareness and getting traffic and shares on your guest blog.

This audience is mostly qualified that know about the in’s and out’s of the blogging scenario already, so if you are bored of starting from the very basics like always, you’re in for a treat. This audience helps you build your authority in the eyes of the search engine without even wasting a penny on SEO; you can get ranked on some of the most competitive keywords of your domain without the hard work on link building.

When you talk about getting an audience, what is it worth without having conversions?

According to a blog on MOZ, if an average user is spending around 4 minutes on each of your blog then you’re getting enough eyeballs for them to look up for your business as well. And once they reach your blog, you can share your big idea with them to express your feelings

Link Building

Guest blogging not just help you with increase of your website awareness but also this will help you build your subscribers’ base and get exposure from the large internet community that is constantly evolving in the terms of numbers and user interaction.


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