How I Increased My Declining Google Traffic

After seeing the above chart from the first time, what do you understand?

A website with a lot of traffic, right?

I am digital ninja, So I should be getting some decent traffic to my website.

But the things is , just because I am an expert and experienced with marketing doesn’t mean traffic will keep on climbing.

Just like everyone out there, I face the challenges as well.

My website traffic also have ups and downs and my website can also get penalized, So I also have to battle algorithm updates.

When you do SEO, nothing will ever be perfect and it won’t go through as you want.

My traffic growth

Here’s how my organic traffic looked like in january of 2018.

Google Traffic

I had a superb number of 743,744 visitors during january and 80% of those visitors were unique

Now let me fast forward the dates to January of 2019 my organic search increased to a whooping 2m (million) visitors and 65% of those visitors were unique.

Google Traffic

Doing that math that’s a 173% of increase in the search traffic in only 12 months.

You must be thinking it was easy for me as I have experience with digital marketing. But just like everyone out there, it’s a continuous fight to maintain and grow my traffic.

And believe me at many points it goes down for me as well.

My descending search traffic

You must be thinking that there was increase of 173% in the traffic so from where the traffic dips comes in.

Here’s what my analytics looked like in October, 2018

Increase Google Traffic

As you can check in the analytics that there was 1,941,994 visits from google out of which 70% was unique.

Increase Google Traffic

Now when I show you the November graph, my search traffic dropped down to just 1,799,837 visitors and out of which 60% was only unique.

That’s a 7.3% of drop in search traffic.

We all know that november has one less day as compared to october and there are numerous holidays in united states in the month of november. But the traffic I receive is global and the website is present in more than 10 language.

So, just to clear, traffic from united states only makes 23% of my total traffic.

And, we all know. In december it’s a slaughter for market. But I expect that slaughter each year.

Increase Google Traffic

So, how you get to know when your traffic is dropping?

If you are still wondering from where these graphs are they are from google analytics and if you don’t have that installed on your website you should get it right now and start looking at it daily.

The one report I most rely on to make sure that my traffic is constant is week-to-week comparison.

The main reason why you need to look at a week-to-week comparison is that the traffic you are getting is supposed to fluctuate day by day. For me tuesdays are my highest and saturday are my lowest.

Increase Google Traffic

As you can already understand that in early november, my traffic started dropping and just in the 1st week, I witnessed a drop of 4%. And on my best day I saw 7% of drop in traffic.

In the coming weeks, the traffic didn’t jumped back to normal and that’s when I got to know something was off.

Now when you start seeing a constant drop in your traffic. You should never panic. The first thing you need to do is head over to this site

It will help you out to understand if there’s a holiday somewhere that could be impacting your traffic.

Increase Google Traffic

The second thing you need to do is to check out, if there’s any major algorithm rolling.

I am assuming if you are still reading you have faced the same scenario. So if your traffic is dropping constantly and is not coming up. It’s time you need to start making changes to your website.

The longer you are going to wait the harder it will get to recover the declining traffic.

How to increase the search traffic when Google keeps loosing your rankings?

99 out of 100 times when your traffic starts dropping it’s something related to your content. It might be the content of a single page or your whole website making google drop the ranking.

So in order to determine why this is happening you need to login into the google search console and check out if there’s any message related to the website.

Mostly there are no messages.

Increase Google Traffic

So how do to check what’s wrong. Head to “Performance” section of your property and you will see something like this.

Now select the date to last 3 months.

Increase Google Traffic

And click on compare.

Then enter the dates you want to compare the traffic and performance with. Make sure you select a 7-day period so you can get the full picture.

Increase Google Traffic

Your report will look something like this.

Now this will show all the pages on which the traffic has been dropper and these are the pages who lost most of the ranking and resulting into drop in traffic.

Now click on a URL. Start from top to bottom.

Now click on queries and again sort it with difference.

Now before doing anything else, scroll back to top and click “Position” in the graph. This will accumulate the table and will show you if the ranks dropped for any of those keywords.

Increase Google Traffic

Assuming the drop did happen, I want you to google the keyword and look at the sites which are in top 10. And compare your content with those that are in rank on 1st page.

Now, what do you honestly think of your competitor pages? Are their content better than yours? Is their design is more user-friendly? Is their site loading faster than yours and making user more comfortable?

You guessed it right, what you need to do.

I know I am putting this in a very simple way, but it’s what it really comes down to. The better user experience the better search ranking.


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