How I Made 300,000$ in 8 months With AdSense

Earning online is the one of trickiest but simplest method to make money. Who doesn’t love getting money credited to their accounts? I made almost 300,000$ in last 8 months with the help of my website.

I know most of you guys won’t believe me. So, here is the proof for you guys.


Following are the basic steps that I took to earn that huge sum of revenue, not only I made the money but I also got almost 150,000 Facebook fans and also got more than 30,000 email subscribers in these 8 months.

1. Create awesome content for a large, but targeted audience:

Do you know what’s so awesome about being an online publisher? I get paid to surf the internet and check out the websites that I love. What I mean here is whenever I visit my favorite websites, I analyze them and with the analysis, I get some big ideas about what I should write next and these ideas have resulted in a lot of profit for me.

One thing that I always keep in mind that, I’m, not the only publisher out there writing about a specific niche. There are some big players out there. Who receive millions of hits every month on their website and if I am going to think they are getting this by organic search, No one will be more stupid then me. These guys are spending some good amount to get those million hits to their websites. You heard me right they use the paid ads to get things going. Even the viral sites like BuzzFeed uses the ads to get traffic.

So if you want to be a website with piles of traffic, you will need to buy traffic and by buying traffic I don’t mean that you should buy bot traffic. You need to be very smart about your monetization. It’s that simple.

2. Optimize your ads (i.e. AdSense ads)

When I write you need to be smart about your monetization means you need to be very smart with your advertisement placement. Your monetization should break even with your advertising budget.

Paid traffic not only help me with my monetization but it also helps me in establishing a social profile. Which on the later stage will help me drive traffic organically and the email subscriber I have built they are direct traffic to my blogs.

3. Set up your Facebook

Honestly, I wouldn’t rely on all of the traffic coming from the organic Facebook page posts. In Facebook, you can repeatedly post links of the same blog over and over again and they will continue to send traffic to your website.

Facebook surely can help you out with making a content viral but if you want to make an article viral. You surely need to put up some money on Facebook advertisement and it’s really amazing how every month you can promote your most viral content again and again over with success.

4. Set up internal linking

I never take any of my website visitor for granted. I want each and every visitor of my website to enjoy the website. Whenever I get contacted by my visitors, I make sure I revert to each of them and if they had made any suggestion, I try to implement it as well. I have made many changes because of those suggestions and those changes have always given me a positive of ROI.

It’s an essential part of creating a website that we direct them to more content on the website that they may enjoy. On my website, I provide them with various navigation options starting from the top and going all the way to the bottom.

I use the ad rotate plugin to rotate the links to pieces of content, videos, and related posts. This not only makes them stary on the website but also increase their enjoyment as well as the number of page views and that directly impact our earning.

5. Integrating Analytics:

We always need to discover which of our post will generate the most revenue for us. So we can focus on driving the traffic to those posts for increased revenue.

In order to track down, how our website is working. We need to integrate analytics with AdSense. Also, most of us think that integrating analytics simply will help you track down everything accurately. But, in order to understand how much our posts are earning, we need to create URL channels in AdSense. By doing this we can accurately track how much money did our post made for us.

6. Content Sharing

A big method of profiting from paid traffic is turning that paid traffic into something that generates free traffic. The best way to do this is to get visitors to share the content.

For this 2 major things are required:

1. Publish content that makes people share it. Creating that kind of content is not easy so this may take a bit of hit and trial method. Always remember that not all of your posts will make you a huge amount of money. Make sure you have a content strategy in place.

2. Provide users with plenty of sharing buttons. Don’t just rely on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, There are more than 100 social networks that can generate you traffic. Reddit and stumble upon are 2 big platforms. I use Shareaholic plugin for flowing sharing buttons and SumoMe for in-image sharing buttons.

7. Use more ad networks

Don’t just settle down with AdSense. Cause if you do, you’re leaving a lot of money on the ground. In addition to AdSense, I am also using and I also have started using Amazon CPM ads as well. These two platforms alone are helping me generate $500- $700 per day in revenue.

There are many more ad networks that you can go for. You can always search them on google. I would never say that make your website nothing but ads, because if you are going to publish that high quality and highly shareable content. You will get plenty of space for monetization.

8. Email subscribers

Always remember to leverage your traffic as much as you can. Try to make them join your newsletter. Once they have subscribed you can then send them back to your new blogs and that would be free traffic.

Let’s say, I have 20000 subscribers and I get an open rate of 15% and I publish the new post every 3 days. That would be 10 emails per month and with 15% of the open rate. I get 3000 email opens on each post and in a month I will get 30,000 and assuming that 75% of those opens result in website click. That would be 25000 page views per month and the main thing these 25000 hits didn’t cost me anything.

10. Buy That Traffic

As I have already mentioned above, even the most popular and highly profitable blogs buy traffic.

Nowadays there are so many low-cost and high-quality traffic sources are available. My personal favorites are Native advertisers, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

The fastest way of creating a popular website with plenty of traffic is by buying traffic. But it must be done in a way that you can break even with your earning or better if you can earn the profit. Once you are all settled up and get your paid traffic running smoothly, there’s no limit how much traffic you can get to your website.


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