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Digital India is a program launched by the Indian Government to empower the country on the digital scale by improving internet connectivity with high-speed networks all across India.

Digital India campaign was launched to make all the government services digitally available for people of the country. The technologies which include the use of the internet and mobile apps have risen as a channel for speedy growth of the economy.

The digital India campaign was launched by Indian Prime Minister on July 1st, 2015. In included the plans to increase the connectivity of high-speed internet to the rural areas of India. The major part of this campaign focus on the development of digital infrastructures to provide government services on a digital level across the country. The sole purpose of Digital India Campaign is to grow the digital services, Electronic manufacturing, and provide job opportunities. So, as the title suggests it’s all about the Digitalization of India.

Digital India initiative is one of the major programs that is introduced by Govt. of India to make the Indian governance more transparent. The use of digital technology is increasing day by day in our life from paying bills, booking tickets and transferring money. We do everything online and these technologies are used in mostly all of the retail stores, institutes, and government offices. The digital technology not just helps us in saving time but also helps us in staying connected with each other and share information.

The digital India campaign is bringing a revolution in the life of people and is transforming India at a fast pace. After the initiation of Digital India program, we have witnessed a huge growth in various service sectors. This campaign also focuses on training the rural area people and making them able to get jobs. With the adequate implementation of Digital India campaign in e-governance, the information is reaching the common man. The digital India campaign is basically for simplification of the process between citizens, services, and government.

The digital India program is worth 1,13,000 crore INR and is preparing Indian for its digital transformation. The basic objective of digital India initiative is to encourage digital knowledge among common people. It’s also aimed at the advancement of e-governance.

The 3 Focus Key Areas of Digital India Essay Are:

Digital Infrastructure:

  • Aiming at high-speed internet to be available for each citizen.
  • Making Banking Digital.
  • Easy access to common services.
  • Ensuring Cyber Security.
  • Government services on demand.

Availability Of The Digital Platform:

  • Right to be online for citizens.
  • Carrying Business easily online.
  • Cashless transactions.
  • Digital Empowerment.

Digital literacy:

  • Digital resource availability.
  • Government certification and documentation to be available online.
  • Making resources available in regional language.

Facts about The Digital India Program:

  • Digital Infrastructure development and an increase in electronic production.
  • Government service delivery over digital medium.
  • Digital empowerment of citizens.
  • Development of tools for making Digital Identity more safe for bank transactions.
  • To provide broadband and universal phone service to 5Lakh villages by 2020.
  • To build 5 Lakh educational center with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Training 7Crore People to be job ready.
  • Producing 11 Crore Jobs in next 4 years.
  • Creating 400,000 public Internet access points.
  • Generation 28000+ BPO jobs for villages.
  • Eliminating electronic import by 2020.
  • Making every citizen smartphone owner by 2019.
  • The internet users have jumped to 500 million till April 2017.

This digital India campaign has the vision to reconstruct India into a nation that is digitally enabled. This campaign aims at making the citizen of India digitally literate, so they start the use of digital resources. The major facilities that are provided by the government digitally are

  • Bharat Net
  • Digital Locker
  • E-Learning
  • E-Shopping
  • E-Signature
  • E-Health

Following are the Digital Services that are initiated by the Government of India.

Bharat Net: This is a broadband network that is backed by the Indian Government to connect 625,000 villages of India with an optical fiber network by Dec 2019.

E-Sign: This service allows Indian citizens to sign a document digitally with Adhar Authentication.

E-Hospital: This service lets the user book their appointments and do the payment online for medical institutes.

E-Learning: E-learning is about giving them access to users of study materials online. Unlike traditional classroom education. As of now, even the graduate programs are being delivered completely online.

Digi Locker: The Digi Locker facility helps the citizen to store and access their documents like PAN card, Educational documents, Passports, Driving License, etc. This is done with the authentication through the Adhaar Card. This allows the sharing of documents over the digital platform instead of hard copies

This digital revolution has mostly affected the privileged groups but it’s difficult to measure the accurate details for such a large scale operation which is done for 1.3 Billion people. There is more research needed for effective implementation of this campaign.

The Digital India campaign is a very determined program of the Indian government to transform India into a digital country. Who is digitally literate.

Nine Pillars of Digital India Campaign.

In this perfect Digital India Essay, we will cover the Nine pillars of Digital India Campaign.

  1. Broadband Highway
  2. Mobile connectivity
  3. Public Internet Access Program
  4. E-Governance
  5. Electronic Delivery of Services
  6. Information to All
  7. IT for Jobs
  8. Electronic Manufacturing
  9. Early Harvest Program

The concept of Digital India Program is to enable the citizen of India with the knowledge and information to generate more job opportunities.

This digital revolution has improved the overall communication technology in India and it’s providing a very important role in economic development as well. There are multiple benefits of this digital revolution. Which we will share in this Digital India Essay.

Benefits of Digital India Campaign.

Linking individuals and groups together:

With the help of seamless communication people now can stay connected to other people around the world. Now we have instant access to our friends and families.

  • Sharing Ideas: With the help of digital platforms like social media. Sharing our ideas and thoughts have become very easy and the shared ideas are also encouraged or criticized by people as well.
  • More Opportunities: With more faster internet connections we are witnessing a startup boom in India and with each startup, new jobs and opportunities arise as well.
  • Digital India Payment
  • Digitization in Entertainment Industry
  • Online Banking
  • Document Management
  • Education


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