PHP Vs Python V2

PHP vs Python web development both of these are a high-level programming language. But to be specific PHP is used as Back-end Scripting Language and Python is completely a programming language. PHP is mostly used for making web applications, While python has different frameworks to develop the web application.

When it comes to some easy yet dynamic web application, programmers mostly prefer using PHP, but with python emerging as one of the leading future techs, more and more developers are moving toward it over PHP.  But if we look at it from a developer perspective It’s very tough for them to choose between PHP Vs Pythonweb development As per current trends more 70% of the websites are made using PHP.

So What’s Better For A Beginner PHP VS Python?

Before making a choice between the Python and PHP the beginner needs to have the basic knowledge of the language. If you want to be the back-end developer or create light dynamic web applications, you can choose PHP over Python. But if you want to choose PHP over Python you need to keep in mind that you should have some experience with some basic coding. For starting with PHP you need to have at least the knowledge of basic programming languages like C and C++. Having knowledge about these languages will help you understand PHP more effectively. If you are willing to choose PHP straight away as your first language, Not a good move.

With the help of python, you can create those heavy and complex web applications, but for that, you will need to learn different python frameworks. PHP also has different frameworks but they are not so necessary to create the solutions. But having knowledge of these PHP frameworks can help you complete your tasks easily and in a more efficient manner.  But when it comes to python working without the frameworks is not possible. Python has around 20+ frameworks that you can use to get your work. But Django and Flask are two of the most used frameworks by the developers.

If you want to move ahead of being a simple web developer and want to move forward with Desktop Application or Data  Analysis. You should go for Python, PHP is only limited to the web applications while with Python you can mold your future to any technology.

PHP Vs Python Web Development

Language typeHigh levelHigh level
Specific typeScripting LanguageProgramming language
Used forWeb ApplicationsWeb DevelopmentWeb ApplicationsDesktop ApplicationArtificial IntelligenceData Analyse etc.
PricingOpen source Free to downloadOpen source free to download
PlatformUse server hostingInterpreter
ApplicationsLocal host (Apache, etc.)Python Interpreter
Application to runBrowser (Chrome, Internet Explorer)cmd, and IDE

The Real Difference between PHP Vs Python Web Development

  • Language

As we already have discussed python is a programming language while PHP is more of a server-side language.

  • Ease of learning

When it comes to learning, Python is way easier than any other language out there. If you already have experience with C or C++, you will find PHP easy at the beginning but when you move deeper the syntax becomes difficult and you will have some difficult to understand the language.

If you are a brand new person to programming, We suggest that you should pick out python as your first programming language.

  • Syntax

Both of these langugae are high-level languages and all the coding is done in English.

Now when we talk about the complexity of the syntax, the syntax PHP uses is very similar to the C language. Which is very to easy to understand.

  • Flexibility

Python is way more flexible than the PHP

  • Frameworks

Both the languages PHP and Python have a number of frameworks. Django and Flask are two of the most famous frameworks that the developer work within Python. But PHP has more frameworks than Python and many of those frameworks are more famous then the Python Framework.

When a developer has to decide between using the frameworks of Python and PHP. Most of the developers move forward with PHP framework and in terms of frameworks, PHP has the upper hand here.

  • Popularity and Future

Both of these languages are equally important languages. But when comparing the popularity of both these languages, PHP is much ahead of the Python.

PHP rule the web with around 80% of margin. The biggest player in the market like Facebook, Tumblr and Wikipedia use and prefer PHP over Python

Python is not so famous yet, But Google is trying hard to hype this language for AI technology. Now companies like Reddit, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram are choosing Python over PHP for their projects.

Future of both these languages is very bright. PHP is currently dominating the web but it wouldn’t be surprising when Python will take over the web. But if you want to move ahead of the web choose Python, While both of these languages serves a highly paid career.

Pros and Cons of Python

Python Pros:

  • Very easy an quick to learn.
  • Supports multiple platforms to run and with Mac, it comes pre-installed.
  • The syntax is very well organized and easy to understand.
  • It’s a dynamic language so no need to define the variable datatype.
  • It’s a growing community.
  • Supports OOP’s concept.
  • Has a huge number of libraries

Python Cons:

  • It doesn’t do multi-core and multi-processor well.
  • Limitation to access the Database.
  • Slow as compared to Java.
  • Pros and Cons of PHP

PHP Pros:

  • Open Source language and free to use.
  • Very easy to learn for those who have a little experience with programming.
  • Large and experience community around the globe.
  • thorough support for the database.
  • Supports most of the Operating systems.

PHP Cons:

  • Can only be used for web applications, can’t create a desktop application
  • Finding the errors are some time a heck of a task.
  • The CallByValue method is used by default.
  • PHP is not much secure.


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