PHP Vs Python

PHP Vs Python: Which Is Best

Whenever someone tries to turn his/her ideas into reality. They reach a stage where they have to choose in which language they want their idea to come alive. PHP vs Python these are two of the most used programming languages that serve the users.

PHP is mostly known as a traditional server-side scripting language. While python is more valued because of its accessibility and simplicity. Being equally popular between the developers, these two languages have their similarities and differences and the widely equal popularity of these languages has brought the question forward that which one of them is better?

In order to find the answer to the real question PHP Vs Python, it’s really important that we carefully consider the functionality and features of PHP and Python into software development. It’s also very important to understand what is the main difference between them.

What is PHP?

PHP also was known as Hypertext-Preprocessor is a server-side language which was designed for website development by Rasmus Lerdorf. The language was developed back in 1994 and it quickly became so popular that most of the developers started using it. As of now, 80% of websites are built with this language. PHP has constantly evolved and is accompanied by a large number of the developer community and that is what keeps the PHP on the peak and it’s really early to talk about the decline in the popularity.

What Is Python?

Python is a multi-pattern, well understood and high-level programming language. Five years older than the competitor, Python was developed in 1989 as replacement of ABC language by Rossum back. When using Python, a programmer gets to work with different programming styles, which helps them in creating simple and complex solutions easily. Which helps is getting faster results and carve code as if you are speaking to a human. Python came into popularity with the release of “Python 2.0” which was released into the 2000s. The main reason it got popular was because of the Unicode support feature.

Unlike the PHP, Python was made as full stack development programming language from the initial stages. This is the reason why it’s not as popular as PHP. There are less than 1% of websites that are created and managed with the help of python.

Python is a multi-pattern, general-purpose, well understood, high-level programming language. Five years older than its competitor, Python was developed by Guido van Rossum back in 1989 as the ABC language replacement. By using Python, a programmer gets access to different programming styles, which helps him/her to create simple or complex programs, get faster results and carve code almost as if speaking in human language. Python got popular among the developers in the 2000s after the release of “Python2.0”. One of the main reasons why “Python2.0” got popular was because of one of its main feature, the complete Unicode support.

Unlike PHP, Python from the start was engineered as a full stack programming language, irrelative of web development. This is the reason why it is not as popular as PHP. On the web today there are less than 1% of websites is created and managed using Python.


So Who’s the Best?

Both of the programming languages are best as per their standards. But at the end of the day, it comes down to the purpose you are going to use it for. In both the PHP and Python, before you start to learn the language or make someone develop the product for you. It’s always important to ask the questions ” What is the final result we are looking for”

To build a simple website or web application solution most of the developers will go for PHP. But when it comes to complex solutions, python is your answer.

When it comes to selecting the language between PHP and Python for mobile app development. You need to understand that python is not only limited to web development, which gives it an upper hand over PHP. All the major mobile application platforms like IOS, Android and Windows Mobile have some kind of python framework attached to them which allows them the development in Native and Web Applications.

Thanks to the code and logic, PHP is better when applying for web development exactly. There are ways that can help us build a mobile application over PHP server-side backend, It’s much harder when compared to Python.

Differences Between PHP and Python

As we have already got to the peak of the comparison for PHP Vs Python. Now it’s time to check out the core difference between PHP and Python.

Python’s Code is more Readable and Minimalistic:

Python’s design theory insists on the code readability. This makes it very easier for the developers to create an organized and clean code, regardless of the size of the project. Python is very handful when it comes to building a complex application as it takes a minimal amount of time to develop with python.


Both Python and PHP have similarities when it comes to the coding standard. Python features the support for aspect-oriented, object-oriented, functional and well-structured programming style. Similarly, PHP has a functional, object-oriented, reflective and procedural programming style.


Python is much more flexible then PHP but is not considered as a good language for developing the simple web-applications. Python is a very good option when it comes to developing complex software and applications and is also well suited for scientific application and those applications which requires to pass a huge amount of data. Even though it’s more flexible than the PHP but still isn’t good for web application development.

Web Development:

When it comes to web development, the first language that comes to our mind is PHP. Because it comes with a load of development features. Writing code for websites is much easier with PHP than the python since python is a programming language for complex software. But with the right third-party modules. python can be also be used as an effective web development tool.


Python is considered as one of the most secure programming languages in the industry as of now. Python has multiple security features that makes it a great fit for writing complex applications which require a high amount of security. When compared to PHP, PHP has a lot of security concerns but they can be tackled with the help of additional tools but even after that it’s not as secure as python.


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