Comprehensive Facebook Lead Generation Guide

What is Lead Generation?

When It comes to an agency Leads are everything. So, how can one business acquire leads?

The basic truth is there are more than 100 ways to generate leads for a business and there are multiple options on how to do so like:- Opt-in Forms, Live webinars, Email campaigns, Social Media Marketing, etc.

On the other hand, we have paid advertisement that is yet another effective way to generate leads for your business.

Basics of Lead Generation

Before starting we need to understand what is a lead? A lead is a person who shows interest in your service or product and Lead generation is the process of finding the right audience and then converting them into leads.

When you start providing your audience with the knowledge that is not out there for free instead of bombarding them with product promotions, you will start attracting the quality leads that are more likely to become a paid customer. This process is known as Lead Nurturing.

In every business, we need to make a buyer’s journey that is the path on which your prospect will go. The basic buyer’s journey is of three phases.

Phase 1: The Awareness stage, where you attract the prospects to your business by providing them with content that is useful to them.

Phase 2: The Consideration Stage, this is the point where you have provided your audience with enough knowledge and they are starting to trust your brand.eads.

Phase 3: The Decision Stage, this is the phase where your brand has made a positive impact on the prospects and they trust your brand. Now you start engaging with the leads until they become paying customers.

The buyer’s journey is a very critical and useful thing to keep in mind when you start setting up your Facebook Lead Ads and this is exactly what we will teach you in this guide.

Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation is one of the leading paid ads platforms that allows you to specifically target your audience to generate leads. While advertising on Facebook you get access to 2 major social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram. In this guide, we will take you the journey about how to set up and optimize your Facebook Lead Ads.

Firstly, let’s start with why you should choose advertising on Facebook in the very first place.

Why Facebook Ads?

As a Digital Marketer, Our job is to find our prospects where they’re spending most of their time and Facebook alone has 2Billion+ Daily active users, which means most of your potential customers are already on this platform. An average user spends around 60 minutes every day over Facebook and 90+ minutes over Instagram.

With that many people using these platforms every day, Facebook is the ideal shrine to find the prospects. Another reason why Facebook performs best is because of its native lead form.

How Does Facebook Lead Ads Work?

Facebook Lead Ads works almost like any other paid network. First of all, you need to set up an ad with the help of a Facebook Ads Manager. Once done you will be able to customize the targeting features like creatives and budget to make sure that your ad reaches the perfect audience.

Once you have settled up the Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook will then use this information to show your people that could be your potential customers.

The ads will be shown in the news feed. It’ll similar to the organic post but will have sponsored posts written over it.

Facebook Lead Forms

A lead form is the one that collects the information from a prospect in exchange for some valuable material. A person happily fills out the details if they are getting something valuable in return.

But, getting someone to fill out personal information and clicking submits isn’t that easy as the user will be coming to your website while being distracted from other websites. Facebook has this problem sorted as they provide users with a direct form in the app/web itself.

The native form looks something like this:

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads

Native Functionality: With Facebook lead Ads, the user submits their details with the auto-filled form without ever having to leave your website. 

Mobile Responsive: Facebook lead Ads are mostly beneficial for mobile users. As most of the users of Facebook are available over mobile devices. The app is already there for users, so you can stay relaxed that your ads will be served.

Data Collection: Lead Ads are also beneficial for the advertiser because they can easily capture the potential customer’s information without even creating a separate landing page. Everything that you will need for a lead capturing campaign is already available on Facebook.

Targeted Segments: Facebook Ads allow to deeply target the user segments. Targeting can be based on interests, Demographics and many more things. This simply means that the leads that you will receive via Facebook Ads will be precisely accurate.

How to Setup Your Facebook Ads For Leads

  1. Open your Ads Manager
  2. Select your campaign objective
  3. Name your ad campaign
  4. Create an Ad Set
  5. Identify your Facebook Business Page
  6. Take advantage of the dynamic creative feature
  7. Filter your audience
  8. Choose your ad placement
  9. Set your budget and schedule
  10. Name your ad
  11. Identify your social accounts
  12. Select the format
  13. Upload your media
  14. Add copy
  15. Select your form fields

Now comes the fun part – Setting up your first Facebook campaign. As of now you already have a basic understanding of how Facebook Lead ads work and what are its benefits. 

Before starting make sure you have the following things:

  • Admin access to your Facebook Page
  • Business Instagram account connected to your page
  • The URL for privacy policy page on your website
  • A creative asset to make your ad stand out.

1. Open Ads Manager.

This is the most simple step in the process. Login to your Facebook account and then navigate to Ads Manager. Then, simply click โ€œCreateโ€.

2. Select the campaign objective.

Now, you’ll see the screen asking you to select your ad objective. Since we’re working with lead ads, we’ll select “Lead Generation” and then the page will pull down the next options.

3. Ad campaign naming.

We would recommend you to be as much detailed as you can. As once you will have 100s of campaigns available it’ll be difficult to track down campaigns.

4. Create an Ad Set.

Now you’ll need to create the ad set, think of this ad set as a basket that will be holding all the ads of the specific type.  

5. Identify Your Facebook Business Page.

Now use the drop-down menu to determine which Facebook page you want to put up with your ad campaign.

6. Use dynamic creative feature.

This dynamic creative option will allow you to upload different creative assets and then let Facebook automatically generate the right combination of Headline, Image & CTA. Use this option if you are not able to create a high impact creative.

7. Filter out the audience.

Now you will be able to select the characteristics of your target audience. This is the part where the user segmentation will be proven useful. Now you can select the audience based on their interest, demographics and behavior information. You can also select to exclude the people based on certain criteria. So you don’t waste your ad budget on these people.

8. Choose your ad placement.

This is the place where you will be able to determine where you want to show your ad, whether you want to show your ads over desktop or mobile, Facebook or Instagram, in the news feed or in the side column. Facebook also provides you with the option of “automatic placement”, and it will automatically determine which placement is working better.

9. Set your ad budget and ad schedule.

This is the part where you can select how much you want to spend every day and how long you want to run your ads. Facebook ads spend algorithm works on the auction system, so make sure that you choose a budget that seems reasonable based on the previous research. Some campaign objectives will let you choose either you want to bid over CPC or CPM but for the lead generation objective, this will be set to CPM. Also, make sure that you are checking your ads periodically to ensure the performance is on the right track.

10. Name your ad.

Now it’s time to give your internal ad the name that will help you keep the track. We will suggest you use the hierarchical naming structure as this will help you easily track the progress.

11. Identify your social accounts.

This will be automatically selected based on your ad-set, but if you want to advertise on Instagram then you’ll need to include the account as well.

12. Select the format.

Now you will have two options – Carousel or a single image. A carousel allows you to show multiple scrollable images with multiple headlines. This is a perfect way to show multiple products. A single image is exactly what it sounds nothing fancy here. 

13. Upload media.

Now it’s time to upload your creatives here. You can choose between a video(Yups, GIFs as well) or a static image. You can also upload up to six versions of your ads to be displayed. This is very useful as this will let you determine which type of creative will work best. Just be sure that there are some basic differences between these creatives.

14. Add copy.

Now enter your headline, ad text, link description, and the relevant URL. Facebook will generate an exact preview of how your ads will look in user feed. 

15. Select form fields.

Facebook Lead Ads are an effective platform because of its Native Lead Form, meaning the user doesn’t need to go to a third party website to fill out the details.

In this section, you’ll select the format, copy and style of form. The form fields are 100% customizable so you can gather only the information that you require. This is also where you’ll need to enter your privacy policy link. Once done you’ll be able to customize your final Thank You screen and you can also add a website link if you want to sed the users to a 3rd party website.

Once this is done your ad will be sent for review and once approved it will start collecting the data.

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