Founding a Digital Marketing agency is a great approach for most of the ambitious entrepreneurs.

But don’t do it.

We would suggest you not to sacrifice your reputable 9 to 5 job with peace of mind and your savings for something that, you’re not truly willing to work for. Especially, If you think that Digital in the “Digital Marketing Agency” means that you can hang out in pajamas all day and can do everything from behind a laptop.

The biggest problem with the new “Digital Marketing Agencies” is that, they think they will find out a number of leads and will nurture them without getting out of comfort zone or without meeting them ever face to face.

Most of the digital marketing agencies start the journey as a path to financial freedom and then they find themselves instead at the path of financial ruin because they don’t want to leave the comfort zone and they don’t want to network out.

We all know that in this era of technology there are limitless possibilities. But even in this digital world, there are 3 areas of sales that are most successful with face-to-face interaction only.

First Contact:

We at the digital ninja provides white Hat SEO services to best SEO Company of all size. Our affiliate partner only has to sell and we fulfill the services. we have worked with more than 100 businesses over the years and most of our partners have one thing in common: a willingness to put themselves to work.

Particularly, In trade shows, chamber of commerce and business association meetings and more of such events. These events are great to meet your potential customers. We understand it can be challenging, Especially if you’re not a much of outgoing person. But you need to understand it’s very critical to the network. Because there is so much that you can fulfill with a handshake then you can with an email.

Building Trust:

For Small businesses, trust is the most important factor and without trust, it can get hard-to-close a sale, Keeping in mind that your clients might be familiar with the scary stories of spammy link builders and wasted adwords campaign or not effective social media marketing.

the first part of your job is to put yourself ahead of any other option they might have. Even in the digital world, the competition is super high. As everyone claims to be a Digital Marketing Expert.

In order to build trust with your prospects, you need to meet them face-to-face and provide them with all the information you can and tell them why and how you are different from others.

So either it’s a follow-up, pitch or proposal hand-off, consider doing it in person. Even if you don’t make the sale, your prospect will remember you and this opens a door to a bright future.

Final Thoughts:

Agency partners who begin their digital marketing agency with their already existing and wide network are the one who values the social networking at most. It can be easily assumed that they don’t need to network anymore. But the truth is these people have learned that face-to-face interaction is the best way to find quality leads and convert them into paying customers.


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