6 Reasons Why Python Beats PHP for Development

We have seen the steep increase in the usage of python in the last two years. In backend development, PHP vs Python are two of the major platforms for web development.

Preferring the use of python in place of PHP for web development is not of a difficult task, but there are reasons why developers pick Python over PHP. In this article, we will look at those points which makes Python an excellent choice over PHP.

1.Thought Out Design

We all know that PHP is a completely workable language but it’s not a delicate one. Any good developer with good knowledge of PHP can make software in PHP. But PHP has some limitations.

Python has the architecture that makes it a well-thought-out and well-designed language. PHP, on the other hand, is not a well thought out language. For a developer who’s trained traditionally. Python gets a lot of things right in term of being a strong and effective language.

2.Easy to Learn

It’s easy to work with both the language PHP and Python, And both are well-documented languages. But, if you are an experienced developer you should consider the maximum value that you can reap in the long term. You will surely want to workout with a language with which you can form a deep and long-lasting relationship.

When you are highly experienced developers, you will need to think about the future of that specific language. You should choose a language with which you can establish a strong relationship.


The framework makes the developers vision very clear by offering them a defined structure for application development. Python provides just with the mainly like Django, Flask, etc. While with PHP we have Kohana, Symphony, and Zend.

If we consider all, Django is the clear winner in frameworks. It’s easy to use, very secure and fast. New developers are choosing Django, specifically for its shorter development time and ease of the setup.

4.Simpler Syntax

The syntax that python uses is simpler, it becomes very easy when it comes to code in the python. When you are writing in python, the code looks so elegant and this is one of another reason where python scores over PHP

5.Easily Available Tools

Python provides us with a powerful debugger also known as PDB. PDB is well documents and easy to use the debugger, even for the less experienced. PHP also offers a debugger known as X Debug, which is simply great. The only reason Python wins is that it requires fewer debugging as compared to PHP.

6. Python is More Versatile than PHP

Using python for website development is not only the case we’re looking at, but Python is also used in Machine learning, Data Science, Image processing and desktop/mobile application development. PHP, on the other hand, may be used for other purposes than web development but has some limitation and that’s where Python takes the major upper hand over PHP.

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